What is fantastic dependence?

Fantasy plays an important role in a healthy sex life. The brain is the real seat of sexual excitement as well as sexual satisfaction and having an active sexual imagination is a good thing. However, in the brain of a sexual drug addict, the fantastic part of the equation can take a disproportionate role and become detrimental not only to the sex life of the person, but possibly their lives in general.

It can be difficult to reduce the scope of sexual addiction where fantastic sex is the main behavior. The fantasies of a person may involve anything under the sun and, in some cases, involve other forms of sexual addiction. The basic element to remember in these cases is that the fantasy, anything, has become an obsession. The addict thinks about this when they do not have sex, and they plan to fill the fantasy in a certain way. Then, when they engage in sex, it’s up to the fantasy rather than enjoying reality.

Many sexual fantasies can be encountered by the role play. It is therefore a common way that this form of dependence is manifested. A drug addict can start by asking his partner to play a certain role when they engage in sex. This could be anything, simply responding to a different name to simulate them to be foreign, or something more elaborate involving outfits and scenarios directed. This behavior can be fun and key to long sex. However, a sexual addict may require, compel or even ask the partner to fulfill the role even when they do not wish to do so.

Since these models may vary considerably, this form of sexual addiction is not always easy to recognize. The addict may be the one that fulfills the role, the partner is less important, someone to act. It may not be a role that is fantasy, but an act, place or circumstances. Sexual preferences and “reversals” are too numerous to count or describe.

A mark of addictive behavior is when it is continued despite negative consequences. We said earlier that the fantasy could become an obsession, and that’s where it directly affects addict sex. I constantly think about fantasy can be a distraction, hindering a person’s professional or social life by diverting their attention from things to accomplish. Their productivity at work can suffer or their social life can decrease if it has difficulty maintaining interest in daily topics. They can bring aspects of their fantasy at work, causing problems or can enter social situations where it is not appropriate.

Pornography can serve as an output for fantasies, leaving sex addict live by performers. It is here that the dependence on fantasy can blend with an addiction of pornography and in more extreme cases lead to condescending telephone lines or prostitutes.

For a sexual addict in a relationship, dependence can of course damage the relationship in different ways. If the partner is regularly involved in the realization of fantasies, they do not like or may not have been bored, they will become private with the relationship. They can also see their partner’s efforts to fill the fantasy in another way as forms of infidelity.

Forming a new relationship can also be difficult if sex fantasy is the main motive. Although there are multiple ways of meeting with adults willing to participate in fantastic sexual acts, these relationships are based on a very narrow aspect of a healthy relationship and are not likely to succeed or do one Parts really happy in the long run. This can even lead to sex addiction by developing a distorted vision of healthy relationship.

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