What are the meanings of some popular football betting terms?

The following betting terms are used commonly in online sportsbooks:

  1. Match Odds: The winning chances of both teams combined. Used in British and Australian bookmakers. Example, Liverpool vs Manchester United the odds here would be 50% (Liverpool +0.5) (Manchester United -0.5).
  2. Money Line: Betting on who will win without points being taken into consideration. Winner takes all bets are decided by the outcome of a single game, not point shaving or set scores. Example, Liverpool at odds 1.62 to beat Manchester United 2-1.
  3. Point Spread: This is really just a handicap style wager in which the betting line is set by subtracting from the favourite team.

In this bet type, underdogs are thought to have a mathematical advantage against favourites, however for sports like football and basketball it’s very rare when this actually happens for large money line plays (due to point shaving and their elite winning qualities).

Winner takes all bets are decided by the outcome of a single game between two teams that are listed on an even playing field, if not then points will be deducted or added.

  1. Parlay: A parlay is a wager that requires multiple bets to win. The playout for a successful parlay is substantially higher than the playout for a single bet; however, it also means that you need to be accurate on all of your picks (there’s no room for error).

Football Gambling – Research

Before placing any type of bet, it’s important to research everything in order to have knowledge about which football teams are good or bad that season and what their odds are.

It’s also very important to go with your gut when making decisions because if you don’t then there will be times when you’re wrong and lose money. After deciding which team is better, it’s time to look for different football betting markets that are available.

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