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TikTok was founded in the year 2016 by the Byte Dance company. This is a mobile app that allows users to record a video of 15 seconds by using filters and songs. Currently, as informed by the company, statistics show that TikTok has over 1 billion active users globally. The app is still receiving popularity.

There is no specific category of videos that the user has to make videos in. There is no limit on the options and users are free to create any type of content they want. Moreover, by using special effects, filters and creative features, multiple combinations of videos can be made.

Trending categories on TikTok

A category goes trending on TikTok when users find it amusing and create more videos in the same category. A category is created by a user when they use the hashtag. For instance, if a user creates a prank or a dance video, he/she will use #prank and #dance respectively. Multiple users then use the same hashtag.

Currently, the trending categories are:

  • Dance
  • Prank
  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
  • DIY and
  • Cooking

If you are interested in any of the categories and want to showcase your talent, then there are various tips and tricks that you can follow to gain likes and followers. You can even earn from TikTok based on your views and followers. You just need to check it out on the site.

Creating a TikTok account

Establishing a TikTok account is easy. It takes very little time and only a few details are also to be filled in. Follow given simple steps to create your account.

  1. On the bottom right side of the screen, click on the profile button. Then you are required to sign up.
  2. You can sign up either by using your phone number or email address.
  3. After selecting your desired option, you will be redirected to the respective interface. From there you can just add the requested detail and continue.

If you don’t want to upload every personal detail, then you can skip that step.

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