Open four ends of green event planning

Going Green is the hottest buzz now in the business world! It is true for all sectors, including the event planning industry and others. The more environmental hazards have reached alarming level. Today “Going Green” is no longer a slogan; Instead it is a motto that the event organizers are preparing to reach and exit. If you haven’t become part of these green people, then continue and join before it’s too late. Let us consider nature as the sacred gifts of God and planning ongoing events with environmentally friendly. As far as my experience concerns, the following tips can help you plan a green event successfully.

Waste Prevention Strategy

I think the venue plays an important role in making your events green. Choosing a site with waste recycling facilities is very important. This is because, recycling causes a little threat to the environment. Without paper also helps you achieve your waste prevention purposes. For your event promotion, use email campaigns and social media sites. It also helps you achieve a large number of audiences. In addition, telemarketing and radio also help you avoid using excessive papers for printing brochures and leaflets. I have found many organizers who use event management software to plan and promote their events. Using software, you can even eliminate the hassle of paper-based registration.

Energy conservation

When it comes to choosing a venue, my opinion is to go for space with adequate natural light. It can reduce the use of excessive energy and the costs involved in it. You can even schedule your event during the day to reduce the number of electricity uses.

Avoid extensive packaging
Keep in mind that food packaging and prizes have a big threat to the environment. Avoid lunch boxes, silver packages, snacks wrapped, spices, and so on. These items are equipped with extra packaging, which are discarded. The comfortable way out is to go for silver equipment that can be reused, cloth napkins, and others. Ask for catering to provide large amounts of food items. If you don’t have an option other than lunch boxes, choose recycled equipment. It would be better if you serve finger food, because it doesn’t need silver.

Event decoration reused

Consider reusing the event decoration, because it will reduce the use of excessive paper products. In addition, it also requires one-time investment with recurring costs, thus saving your environment and your money in the long run.

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