Mobile Tech Computing Future Sure Might Be up in mid-air

Who states innovation is dead in the usa? Each time I change I am studying articles of some other innovative entrepreneur within the personal technology space. And, the rapid rise in new innovations in traveling with a laptop technologies is overwhelming, and we’ve been inundated with new ideas and great concepts for more than ten years. Lots of people believed that after Plastic Valley crashed, which was that. However we have seen the likes of Apple, Google, yet others happen to be developing new innovations quicker than anybody might have imagined.

There is a really interesting article in Forbes Small Company Magazine in April of 2005 entitled “Cell Calls by Balloon? And Arizona Entrepreneurs Cheap Weather Balloons Are Replacing Costly Telecom Satellites,” by Justin Martin of Chandler Arizona. In the following paragraphs, a small company person was utilizing a weather balloons having a device not bigger than the usual 4 one-gallon milk container dangling from underneath.

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It appears that instead of building and launching more mobile communication satellites costing huge amount of money, this gentleman could just use affordable weather balloons, with the the equipment for nothing. Indeed it’s an awesome system to resolve a genuine problem, and the total price for every unit is just $400. And “if he launched another Balloon every 12 hrs, the annual cost would simply be $300,000 total,” easily rivaling the expense to place up a satellite and that system working.

Is that this the way forward for mobile technology, can you eventually be utilising your laptop, notebook, or possibly your Tablet Computer and hooking to the web using a cheap weather balloon – maybe. And you’ve got full internet access, cell phone, texting, e-mails, and exactly what your iPhone can perform, anything you can actually choose to do on the Tablet Computer. Yes, it is an excellent concept, and if you want to consider this more, I suggest you lookup this short article on the web. Indeed I think you’ll please consider all of this.

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