Ideas for planning for fundraising events

General types of non-profit events, such as auctions, exhibitions and festivals, lectures, tournaments, contests, sports events, and so on arranged to raise money. However, in many cases, such special events are not enough to increase the amount of funds needed. Here are some tips on how to plan a successful non-profit fundraising event.

Choose a perfect special event for your non-profit organization

When choosing a special event for your non-profit fundraising, make sure this event is very suitable for your existing resources. Set a big event, such as auction, fair, festival, or home tour, if you have enough resources to manage it. However, make sure that the event is perfect with your mission and the possibility of attracting participants, which can be your potential donor in the long run.

Interesting and affordable place

The place of the event must be quite interesting to make your audience engaged. Find a good place that suits your destination. Make sure there are audiences can have a fun time and all the services and facilities they need. See if it suits your budget.

Select Add-on to the main event

You have to choose several add-ons to make your event exciting. That way, you can also encourage participants to contribute generously. You can set auction with dinner. You can also sell t-shirts, calendars, and other things to attract donors. The cover auction is also expected to attract large quantities.

Keep your green event

Keep in mind that attention to environmental problems can make interesting events for the participants. By doing this, you can attract media attention, which will likely increase your level of presence.

Choose the event activities carefully

Event activities help create a positive impression on your participants. To plan your event activities, you must choose the right date, which does not conflict with the main holidays and popular local events. In addition, you must also allow adequate time to plan programs. Special occasions, such as gala ball, golf tournaments, or concert benefits usually take between six months to one year to prepare.

The design of your promotional campaign correctly

Promotion is an integral part of a successful event. Effective promotions can make you potential voters and potential donors. You have to give attention to promote events through bulletins, websites, and Facebook pages, which tend to produce excitement among people about a month before. For media reporting, you can send press releases along with photos.

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